The opportunity to grow in Ibuy-Group is very wide open as we have business from upstream to downstream, starting from Exploration & Production, Processing, Distribution to Marketing of its products.

As our future investments, we provide enormous funds to create outstanding workers, creating resilient future leaders, capable of bringing Ibuy-Group to face the challenges of the future. We are also committed to advancing research and development that is supported by the latest technology.

One of the vital elements in Ibuy-Group’s transformation is the culture change based on Corporate Values ​​6C (Clean, Competitive, Confident, Customer Focus, Commercial, Capable). We strive constantly to build a performance-oriented culture. Your performance will contribute to the transformation program and the achievement of the company’s target. We give equal opportunities to all workers to develop ideas, creativity and innovate. We provide a vast opportunity for you to develop your full potential and ability. We believe you are capable of performing best.